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About this car

This car was owned by my uncle from new it has done 45000km and is in good condition ie no rust, runs very well.When I got it it was running very rough, had it tuned and have done a few minor mechanical things, find the carburetter takes a few miles to settle.Would be nice with a fifth gear or overdrive.Car has now done 70000km, no major work carried out yet, except on my second water pump, pays to use proper coolant to avoid stuffing the pump bearing, live and learn.may 2010 now done about 80000km not using so much now but safe in the garage mostly, now on motorbike mostly, will gradually restore, still running nicely, would like a station wagon model sometime, beautiful cars.25/11/11 importing new windscreen rubber from uk as screen leaking it this is sucessful will completely replace all rubber.Up to abot 92000km at thios date.09/12/11 new windscreen rubber and chrome insert form east anglia trim uk, no more leaks


A1 - Original Condition


Hillman Hunter



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