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Welcome to the myHillman website, a resource and meeting point for Hillman vehicle owners and fans!

Be sure to check out the forums, with a bit of work this can be a great resource for everyone.

30 June, 2007 - Lots of things fixed, welcome back!

There has been an issue with thumbnails not working, we have now moved to a new webhost who supports the required resizing components, so everything is working again as it should be.

I have added a new feature when you click on a photo, it will open in a different way! (very slick)

I have also fixed up the sign up issue with the forum, and any broken members images :)

My apologies for this issue being around for so long. I plan on putting some time into this site in the next few weeks to add some more features for members. Stay tuned!

11 July, 2006 - Makes & Models / Profile Updates

Fixed a few problems, you can now edit your captions, select the display image for your car.

Also I update the Members Cars query to only show cars with pictures at this stage. Also a big thanks to Vic for helping out with the Makes and Models, let me know if something is missing :)

6 July, 2006 - Few bug Fixes, updates

Thanks to everyone for signing up so quick! Great to see some cars I havent seen before.

I have fixed the image upload, sorry I didnt realise it was broken till I noticed ppl were not uploading pictures. If you find anything like this please email me ASAP and I will fix it up. I am generally online around 14 hours a day, so there is a good chance I will get back to you soon.

Thanks to Vic for helping me with the Makes/Models section, I will be uploading the new models this afternoon. I will try and set everyones back to the correct ones, but you may have to fix it up if I am wrong.

I will be adding in the options to
  • Edit your captions
  • Select your Country / City
  • Search by Model / Make
  • Members Profile Area / Avatar
Keep you posted,


1 July, 2006 - Members Area Open for testing!!

Been a few late nights, but I have now set up the first parts of the members area. You can now sign up, and add up to 3 car projects, with 5 images within each project. (this may increase depending on demand)

So anyone who is game, sign on up and test it out, please give me some feedback and let me know what you think.

28 June, 2006 - Article Contributions

Anyone who has written , or is interested in writing an article about Hillmans and their variants, that they would like published, please email me.

All credits will be given to contributors of course! So if there's something you seem to know a bit about, help the rest of us out send it through, it will be here for all Hillman owners to read.

27 June, 2006 - New Members Area in testing

You will soon see a couple of Hillmans appearing on the website in the next day or two. This is part of my testing of the new members section. This will allow you to show of your Hillman to everyone! So keep your eyes peeled, I will be allowing a few signups in the next few days to test how the system goes with a few people.

25 June, 2006 - gets a new look!

I have finally had a chance to sit down and do the design I wanted for the logo. Also I have been working on the site administration system and members area. These will all be coming online within the next few weeks, things are a little busy with end of financial year for me :)

14 June, 2006 - Welcome to, thanks for stopping in!

This is a site to show of your very own (herd of) Hillman or Rootes cars, a place to find and share plenty of information about your cars, talk with other owners, pass on your tips and tricks, ask questions, find more info and history about your car. Basically, be a Hillmanite :)

A good place to get started, is to pop in and browse the the forums. If you have any queries or feedback, you can contact me (Bryce) on email here or through the forums.

Till our next update, happy motoring!
-- Bryce