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Series IIIB Minx


One owner. Very little rust. 83,000 miles travelled. Moonstone over Windsor Blue.

A neat machine for an unrestored 46 year old. Not perfect (a few trim pieces missing), but very driveable.

Victoria is no longer "the place to be" for this minx because she now lives in northern New South Wales.

Basically just as it left the factory except for the radio (right of the steering wheel)which looks likes a 70's item.

The ash tray cover has parted company with the car at some time in the past.

About this car

This car is one of those "driven by an old lady to church on Sundays", one-owner type vehicles. I've done nothing at all to the vehicle so it's original, but with 46 years of use. It had lived all its life in Melbourne so not far from where Hillmans were assembled in Australia.


A1 - Original Condition


Hillman Minx



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