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Catmans Minx


About this car

I got this little Minx IIIC from a guy who was moving and didn't bothered to bring it with him (also due to many more projects), so all I had to do was to pick her up. She used to drive in Czechoslovakia, then Czech Rep - then she moved to Denmark with her owner, then at his friend - and now she is standing in my garage and is asking for some TLC. New rubber in the windscreen, new brake shoes (it got new ones some years ago but a modern type which makes her brake poorly), fixing two holes (one in the panel infront of left rear wheel and one in the engine hull), cleaning and maintaining the cab - and... that is more or less what is needed before MOT and registry. The buttom looks very healthy! I hope it will be ready in spring/summer 2013.


Currently being restored


Hillman Minx



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