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Hillary 1977


Picture of Hillary Hillman.

New old steering wheel from 80's Wildcat,Quite rare to find now. Attached a Ford Anglia boss kit (hard to find a boss kit to fit these days too) which fit the steering column on the hunter very well.

The back panels had to be replaced for a WOF (Warrant of fitness)as apparently it was a hazzard to have them rusted at the back yet they didnt have much to do with the car holding together at all and set me back a crazy wopping $200 just for some re-welded panels that wern't even big and some s**tty slap coat of paint but i will have it painted anyway soon so can't complain too much.

About this car

This here is my 1977 Hillman Hunter Super (Hillary).This car being my very first car as i am 17 years of age.It hasn't yet been over the clock and it is still an amazing runner.Its condition isn't completely perfect but it is amazing for 36 years of age.I plan to keep fixing up this car and get it to a perfect state and re-paint it.


Daily Driver - Good Condition


Hillman Hunter



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